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Translating the employee value proposition into your HR practices
  •  In need of support to take your HR plan further?
  •  Need for a sounding board to check how your business strategy and HR fit together?
  •  Would you like an external, neutral view to help you set priorities – before digitising HR processes?
  •  Growing strongly? Do you feel that your HR approach needs a strategic twist?


Congaz has over 25 years of experience in large and small organisations, international and local, profit or non profit.  One constant : it takes courage and leadership to let employees experience your ’employee value proposition’ (EVP) consistently.
We gladly support you in answering the tough questions and working out the answers!


Employees go through different career stages. During each phase there are different questions to be asked and an adapted HR approach is needed. Think of your employees as customers for whom you do everything you can. What experience do you offer them every step of the way? How do you make them feel your added value during each phase? What do you have to do different, more, less or not anymore? By answering these questions, you get your promise and reality aligned and you create a strong and lasting bond with your employees.

An HR practice for each career phase

Reach & engage

– How can employees support you to spread the EVP to their network?

– Which information (on your digital channels) is crucial so that interested parties know what working at your organization means?

– How does the (digital) application process go?

– How do you answer applications?

– What are the possibilities to apply next to a specific vacancy?



– Which values do you put first and how are they expressed during the selection?

– How (where, for how long, who) do you receive candidates, so that they experience your EVP immediately?

– What do you do between the moment of signing and the effective start to keep your EVP alive?

– What accents do you put during the onboarding?

– What is the division of roles within your organization?

– Starters offer a refreshing look at your EVP, how do you deal with that?


Nurture & retain 

– Which elements of your performance management system (content and process) can you adjust so that the EVP is more visible?

– How can you fine-tune your remuneration policy so that it fits better with your EVP?

– Which learning offers opportunities to strengthen your company values in your daily operation?

– What role do managers get in ‘applying’ your EVP and how can you support them in this?

– How do you strengthen the culture of your organization (communication, activities, layout of workspaces and other artifacts)?

– How do you translate your EVP into your communication and (hybrid) operation at pivotal moments such as in times of social change?


Exit : see you again ?

– How do you question people during exit interviews or in exit questionnaires to gauge their experience of your EPV?

– How do you make sure that your people feel your EPP and are able to communicate it to their network even after their dismissal?

– How do you keep in touch at all?


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