Sin gaz, or con gaz ? The choice is yours

Connecting dots is also working with others. We all believe in the power of agile, engaged and courageous organisations.  Therefore we love to help them deal with the challenges of tomorrow. Each of us has a typical personal touch & brand, but(and) our approach is always sparkling, dynamic, positive, with a twist, and socially engaged

lara donners

I love ideas and bring these to fruition is my ‘cup of tea’. Be it in an interactive meeting, an HR project or in my work for Exchange vzw. Variation and pace make me happy. I do like to connect people and learn new things. I believe ‘HR can be fun too’ and that everything is connected with everything. As such things seem to happen
by coincidence but this is not !
karen peirens

Karen, has  a passion for people, loves to see the sparkle in their eyes: loving what they do and confident it will create value and make life better, easier, more comfortable. She connects “heart and hard”. Her facilitation is structured around three topics: align for the future, boost your team, create value. She is the founder of Jungo.

- As for the future,
your task is not to
foresee it
but to enable it
- Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Ingrid, co-founder of OUZIA, helps organizations to unlock creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation, and embed these concepts in their processes and culture. Ouzia brings a framework for creative problem solving that is simple enough to be taught to all layers of the organisation and sophisticated enough to tackle audacious challenges.

Brechtje is the founder of Plantrekkers. More than 80 percent of all growth projects fail due to a lack of relevance, ownership or speed. Plantrekkers changes that. As a project entrepreneur, Brechtje brings energy and decisiveness to projects and organisations. She accelerates ambitious growth plans


Lara Donners
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