Inge Van de Wiele

In the midst of the pandemic, I really felt I needed a ‘time out’ with my team. Our communication team had been overloaded and I wanted to help my enthousiastic coworkers to cope more together as a team with the challenges ahead.It was clear I needed some support in facilitating these days. Lara was able to provide us with 2 sessions in which we clarified, discussed, laughed and developed new ways of working. In the end, we even changed to an online setting in which we literally juggled balls and laughed with ‘taking rhino’s out of a bath’. We worked hard and it felt good. Very satisfied with the insights for my team and  a tangible way forward.” 

Inge Van de Wiele, Head of Employer Branding & Employee Communication – AG

Posted on April 13, 2021 at 14:28