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Online facilitation remains facilitation, with some extra points of attention

I thought long and hard, considered various options and played them off against each other. In the end there is only one conclusion: online facilitating remains facilitation, even if all contact is digital. It becomes more complex, yes, but there are always solutions. Just as there are types of meeting rooms, there are different video systems, with or without simple options for subgroups. There are also different platforms for digital brainstorming and people prefer to work with ‘what they are used to’. The experience of time is different and we need to use that.



Also offline facilitation needs a post-COVID translation

There are meetings that can (still) take place offline. Also that context has become more complex: 1,5 meter distance, energizers without touching each other,  … all kinds of factors which influence the process. Can we combine that with some participants ‘calling in’ ?
Here too : there are solutions for everything !





We called on Lara to put together an online event with all our staff. On a technical level, it gave us comfort/relief to work with someone with experience. On a content level, Lara was great: she thought along and sensed very well what could ‘work’ during an event and what could be done differently or better. At the same time, she did not lose sight of the direction by indicating when we could be creative and when it was time to test…

 The result: pleasantly surprised staff members who remember the event with a smile!

Tom Kesenne HR Manager Mutas

As HR manager, I wanted to guide a discussion in the management team. It was an HR topic and the chance that I would quickly be sucked INTO the discussion was very high. Together with Lara I prepared a scenario which enabled me to remain in the role of facilitator … The management team had a valuable conversation and I had the necessary input to continue!

Chris Horemans – HR Manager 

From Lara I learned that energizers are fun, and really meant to get participants ‘into the right energy’: focus, connection, listening,…. Not my own words, but a useful question to determine how we start.  Brechtje Desplentere – Plantrekker


Individual coaching in 4 steps

We are convinced of one thing: in this online context, an individual coaching approach is perhaps the most efficient. As a starting facilitator, you spend a lot of time preparing. In an online context that preparation time quickly doubles. Thinking about tools and techniques, digitizing and testing them, familiarizing yourself and your participants with them: it all takes time, a lot of time. But that is exactly why we are here to support you. Is there a digital workshop, training or meeting coming up in which you will act as facilitator? Then you can follow an online program in which we teach you all the ins & outs. The program consists of four steps and offers you the tools you need for a smooth meeting and preparation. The scheme on the left summarises this!

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