Mastermind is:


The concept is simple: together we know more. During five online sessions we bring five people together around a virtual table with the goal of finding solutions for one specific challenge. The interesting thing is: everyone does this from a different perspective, as each participant has a different expertise and background.



Each participant throws his or her challenge in the group, which will select one after consultation. Through a strict process, a tight timing and concrete actions we deepen different aspects and the four Masterminds look for answers and solutions.

Each Mastermindgroup consists of five morning sessions, one session per month.

A starting point

What if your challenge is not selected? No worries: Mastermind is a starting point, not an end point. The goal is to trigger, inspire and stimulate each other. It’s about network expansion, knowledge sharing and an integrated way of thinking, to grow together.


An agile formula

Masterminds in-house or tailor-made? Upon request we adapt our formula, work within the privacy of your organization or develop sessions based on alternative themes that you provide yourself.




Digital Mastermind during our Mashup 

It was very nice to get to know and apply the method. It ‘s clear that this works well to keep focus in the discussion and to ensure that everyone learns something.

Kirsten Van der Stappen – Leuven Mindgate | Mashup by exchange



Inspired and triggerd by the challenges of other participants. Interesting to open the mind – for one hour ! 

Steven Michiels – Common Ground


Choose one of the topics below



Organisational transformation

Does your organisation have growth ambitions ? Is market development the challenge for 2021 ? Then this mastermind group is your sounding board of choice.

Is supporting people or people managers your main focus ? Then take a look how others are approaching the challenges !


Looking for hands-on inspiration to deal with the rapid changes (following Covid 19)? Speed up by occasionally slowing down with this Mastermind group

Price : 450€/participant/5 sessions

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