A boss has the title, a leader the people – Simon Sink

A unique leadership training program to strengthen the culture of your organization. During this modular training you will learn essential skills and insights to bring people into your story and to manage, motivate and inspire them in a convincing way. For each aspect, we make a clear link to the culture/values of your organization.


Training program about the essence of leadership

In essence, culture is about the behavior of people within an organization. Leadership is about the way in which you, as a manager, deal with your employees and thus influence their behavior. In other words, the two are closely linked. A positive, well-behaved corporate culture makes for a better working atmosphere, promotes performance and thus the results of your organization.

The content cap is based on the book ‘The Secret of Leadership’ by Ken Blanchard. He uses the acronym ‘SERVE’ as a starting point for servant leadership: five letters, , five pillars that capture and summarize the new leadership.

See the future

A clear, inspiring mission evokes passion. What flag are you planning for yourself and for your team? How do you grab your employees in that ambition? Get your team to think about the future of your company or department, so you can shape it together.

Engage and develop people

Your employees make your company. What are your preferences as a person and who do you need to make your team a complementary and diverse “powerhouse”? Put enough time into recruiting new talent and create an environment that encourages your employees to grow themselves and realize your vision.

Evolve continuously

Focus on improvement at all times and do so on three levels. Be an example as a manager by constantly working on your personal development. Keep investing in the structure and processes of your organization. Give and ask for developmental feedback, as a key to optimize.

Value results and relationships

This step builds on Hershey and Blanchard’s model of “situational leadership. In essence, it is about generating measurable results and building good relationships with the people you manage. Don’t expect the same from everyone, but think along with your people.

Embody the values

As a manager you are responsible for the development of the company culture. So make sure your behavior is in line with the values you proclaim. Be at the service of your people, develop their talents and thus further build the trust in your team.


In each section we zoom in on a basic leadership skill and test it against the company values.


Tailor-made learning process for every type of manager

The training is a customized learning program, based on the culture within your organization. It is intended for everyone in a managerial position who wants to further implement the company values (the N of take the values into account in your behaviour). The workshop is given individually or in groups of 5 to 10 people, online, offline and blended. They are short and powerful sessions with interim assignments ‘on the job’ in order to maximize effectiveness.

Only ‘in company’ as we want to focus on strengthening your corporate culture.