I love ideas and bring these to fruition is my ‘cup of tea’. Be it in an interactive meeting, an HR project or in my work for Exchangevzw. Variation and pace make me happy. I do like to connect people and learn new things. I believe ‘HR can be fun too’ and that everything is connected with everything. As such things seem to happen by coincidence but this is not !



“If you do what you always did,
you will get what you always got.”


✨Café Inspiré

Bringing together curious and enterprising customers around a topic, that’s the main goal of café inspiré. For Brechtje and myself,

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Organisational mission & values, how do I approach this ?

It is perhaps one of the most difficult questions you want to find an answer for as an organization: formulating

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Hybrid facilitating; using on-and offline methods

Tired of all the online meetings ? Lack of life alternatives ? Today we are still forced to the online-side

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Lara and I worked on a jobclassification project in one of Flanders’ governmental entities. With her general HR background she was able to shape the 2-year project along the different phases. With her facilitation skills she was able to gain involvement and commitment from management in the organisation. In the meantime she builded an excellent customer relation.

Stéphanie Volders, senior manager, KPMG Advisory-Business design & optimisation


From Lara I learned that energizers are fun, and really meant to get participants ‘into the right energy’: focus, connection, listening,…. Not my own words, but a useful question to determine how we start.  

Brechtje Desplentere – Plantrekker

Lara and Julie guided us in setting up and executing discussion groups on hybrid working with colleagues from all over the organization. Together we laid the foundation for the future framework for hybrid working at Lantis. In short: flexible co-creation !

Caroline Vanwanseele – HR Director Lantis

We called on Lara to put together an online event with all our staff. On a technical level, it gave us comfort/relief to work with someone with experience. On a content level, Lara was great: she thought along and sensed very well what could ‘work’ during an event and what could be done differently or better. At the same time, she did not lose sight of the direction by indicating when we could be creative and when it was time to test…

 The result: pleasantly surprised staff members who remember the event with a smile!

Tom Kesenne HR Manager Mutas

In the midst of the pandemic, I really felt I needed a ‘time out’ with my team. Our communication team had been overloaded and I wanted to help my enthousiastic coworkers to cope more together as a team with the challenges ahead.It was clear I needed some support in facilitating these days. Lara was able to provide us with 2 sessions in which we clarified, discussed, laughed and developed new ways of working. In the end, we even changed to an online setting in which we literally juggled balls and laughed with ‘taking rhino’s out of a bath’. We worked hard and it felt good. Very satisfied with the insights for my team and  a tangible way forward.” 

Inge Van de Wiele, Head of Employer Branding & Employee Communication – AG

I was very satisfied with our teambuilding. A nice, meaningful and playful experience. It was clear that Lara is experienced in these sessions and my team was very enthusiastic.”
Johan Van Thielt, Team Lead Project Management BSU, KBC
Lara is a highly motivated HR professional who works ‘thouroughly and with creativity’. She succeeded to question the traditional way of working and create (mental) room so that we could build the fundamentals of our sustainable HR policy.”
Arnoud Den Hoedt, General Manager, Agidens Process Automation

As HR manager, I wanted to guide a discussion in the management team. It was an HR topic and the chance that I would quickly be sucked INTO the discussion was very high. Together with Lara I prepared a scenario which enabled me to remain in the role of facilitator … The management team had a valuable conversation and I had the necessary input to continue!

Chris Horemans – HR Manager 

Digital Mastermind during our Mashup 

It was very nice to get to know and apply the method. It ‘s clear that this works well to keep focus in the discussion and to ensure that everyone learns something.

Kirsten Van der Stappen – Leuven Mindgate | Mashup by exchange



Inspired and triggerd by the challenges of other participants. Interesting to open the mind – for one hour ! 

Steven Michiels – Common Ground




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